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Hello, allow me to introduce myself🤩

My name is Lauren Nichole,👋I'm an Entrepreneur originally from St. Louis, MO. The owner of LBz Special Helperz (Multi-Services), Tha LB Spot (Home of Tha MunChez Menu), @Tha Spot Shops (online stores) and an Independent consultant for Arbonne (offers plant-based skincare, makeup and healthy living products), Avon (we all love tha Skin So Soft hands down) & My Daily Choice (offers a variety of products to include essential oils, daily sprays & CBD). I take pride in assuring each person is treated with respect and dignity. I aim for equality and providing everyone fair opportunities. A firm believer in the saying," it's not work, if you love what you're doing and having fun while doing it".💋 Professionalism,being yourself, remaining humble and having fun is my motto! 😎 


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